Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hotel in Wall, South Dakota

Where on earth is Wall?  Why would anyone stay there?  I'm sure these are questions that some of you may be asking.

Actually, Wall is a bit of a tourist trap off of I-90 about 50 miles from Rapid City.  Wall is the home of the famous Wall Drug, one of those stops that gets advertised for about 100 miles before a driver reaches it.  It's also really close to the Badlands National Park.  The population of Wall is less than 1,000, but it has several hotels for road-weary travelers.

One of these hotels is the Best Western Plains Motel.  I chose this hotel basically at random on a recent Western road/work trip.  In many of these small towns along western interstates, you can expect to pay a bit more for a hotel room than you would in a town with more competition.  The room was about $100.  There were both positives and negatives about this hotel.

1. There is a pool.
2. The hotel has free high-speed internet.
3. The room was surprisingly large.  I expected a very small two double bed room consistent with an older hotel.  However, there was way more than enough room to feel comfortable with two adults and two children.
4. The room was clean.

1. There are no interior corridors.  Guests have to park outside of their room and use outside access.
2. There is no elevator for those who are staying on the second floor.
3. The pool and breakfast require guests to walk across the parking lot to a separate building.  While this was a bit chilly in June at about 60 degrees, I would hate to have to make the walk in January or February.
4. The water has a bit of a strange taste.  The hotel said that Wall grew up because of its great water.  It wasn't really cold, and it had a bit of a strange taste (for a guy used to drinking city water).

Overall, we had a good stay, and the hotel more than met our needs.  I can definitely recommend this hotel for those needing a stop in the Wall, South Dakota area.

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