Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A (Nearly) Free Hotel for a Week

Many hotel chains offer frequent travelers the opportunity to join their loyalty programs.  These programs often offer points toward hotel stays, airline miles, and other leisure or consumer goods.  Marriott offers its guest the opportunity to join its Marriott Rewards program.  I have actually been a member of this program for about eight years.

The Marriott Rewards program provides member the opportunity to obtain a credit card from Chase Bank that earns points toward hotel stays.  Marriott just sweetened the pot.  For new accounts on the Marriott Rewards Premier credit card, users will earn 50,000 points and a free night in a category 4 hotel, plus Chase will waive the $85 annual fee for the first year.  These are just some of the benefits of this card, which you can view at the link above.

If a couple were to both get one of the cards, they would be able to get 100,000 points, which would pay for 5 nights at a category 5 (of 8) hotel.  Each night at this level is 25,000 points, but the fifth night is free.  Hotels at other levels require differing amounts, so you could actually get more nights if you chose a less-ritzy stay.  If you stay at a category 1-4 hotel, you get two free nights as a bonus.  Therefore, you could get an entire week at a Marriott hotel in many areas of the world.  Not a bad deal.

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