Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Budget Lodging in Europe--Ikea Hotels

The Swedish furniture maker Ikea has recently announced that it is going to go into the budget lodging business. The Ikea hotels that will make up the chain will not be linked to the brand in name or furnishings, but are expected to offer guests a simple room, a solid breakfast and easy check-in. Luxury amenities will be nonexistent.

The budget hotel business is booming. Motel One is a German chain that saw revenue increase by about 70 percent last year. Motel One charges the equivalent of about $60-$70 per night, about the cost for many budget hotels in America.

The increased number of budget lodgings may keep prices lower for Americans who plan on traveling to Europe. With the cost of airfare and food that can frequently be incurred, American travelers should find this to be a very beneficial development.

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