Saturday, December 29, 2012

E-Rewards and Delta Airlines

I just got an email from E-Rewards this past week that stated that they would no longer be offering Delta SkyMiles as a redemption option. This was a choice on the part of Delta. It appears as though E-Miles is also dropping Delta as well.  Those who have been using Delta as their redemption choice will now have the option of either American Airlines or United Airlines on E-Rewards. From what I've understood, E-Miles users would need to cancel their current account and then sign up with another carrier to be able to earn frequent flyer miles.

In the email that mentioned E-Rewards dropping Delta, it appears that people who have been with the program for a bit (I only signed up in June) will be getting a 25% bonus on their "earnings each quarter. This can be a great bonus. I've earned about 3,000 SkyMiles in the past six months on the site, so that would've raised the total to nearly 4,000 based upon partial redemptions.

In addition to airline rewards, those like to travel are also able to choose from a variety of hotel partners that include HiltonHonors and Club Carlson.  $100 in E-Reward money equals out to 7,000 HiltonHonors points, which is almost enough for a free night at some of the lower-level Hilton properties.  Those who are not into traveling can also earn gift cards to several vendors. All of the rewards are like money that can be earned in spare time. Travel rewards can pay off in wonderful trips that wind up costing very little.